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Get to know us

Pascal was born in South Africa. He worked his way up to Captain working for over 15 years on superyachts all over the world. This gave Pascal the knowledge and know how as well as the ability to realize what the boating industry was missing. Pascal's background in graphic design paired with his expertise in the maritime industry paved the way for the first Deck Weapons® product renderings . Pascal has worked on pedigree superyachts such as EXCELLENCE, LADY LARA, LADY SHERIDAN and FORWIN. Pascal is the man behind the product concepts and works everyday towards creating a full armory of weapons so DW can be your one stop shop for all boating needs.

Mark was born and raised in Florida, USA. Growing up he loved surfing, boating, and anything that involved him being on the water. He studied entrepreneurship at Universtiy of Miami (FL). While in college, he created a clothing company that benefitted various foundations including helping children in Nicaragua and Central America. The travelling involved from this sparked his desire to explore the world. This led to nearly a decade working on superyachts. Mark worked his way up to the rank of Second Officer working on prestigious yachts such as EXCELLENCE, PLVS VLTRA and Cloud 9 sailing all over the Caribbean, Mediterranean, South Pacific and Indian Ocean. Over this time he met Pascal and they began to develop the idea behind Deck Weapons®.

Our Story

  1. The Idea behind Deck Weapons® was brought into existence back in 2019. The superyacht we were crew members on was pouring 100s of dollars every few months into deck products that were cheaply made, didn’t last and seemed to be the same products made from the same materials for years and years. There was nothing out there in stores that was new or innovative and most importantly – lightweight and long lasting. We were wondering about the potential of creating a line of fun products that were more user friendly, never needed to be replaced, and could be a one stop shop for everything we needed rather than searching 5-10 brands to stock our wash closets. The innovation wasn’t there, and now we are bringing it to life.
  2. We want to rewrite the script and be the one brand designed by yachties for yachties and boat owners alike. We will be the leading marine supply brand for superyachts, sportfish, and all the way down to everyday boaters trying to maintain and upkeep their toys. We will cover it all. No need to look anywhere else. Deck Weapons will cover everything “CLEANING”

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